Forty Four 16 in the Media

In its June issue, BMX Plus! magazine covered my handmade, custom number plates in the Trick Stuff section. I’m pretty stoked about it and have heard from a number of people that they saw the article. I made two special plates for BMX Plus! sent them along with a press release in January. The BMX Plus! plate looks great in the article. Hopefully, the coverage and resulting exposure will give me a nice boost in sales.

The only thing I’d like to point out is that I don’t use an oven to shape the plates á la Bob Haro. I do, however, use high heat.

Thanks BMX Plus!

One of the two plates I sent to BMX Plus! staffers.

I sent this plate to BMX PLus! contributing editor Mark Gray in Haro colors per his request.

One response to “Forty Four 16 in the Media

  1. I need a custom plate made we talked in Nov lost email telling me how to order Ernie 8053240123

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