More About Mascheroni and Gilardi


This morning, I did more research on Umberto “Lupo” Mascheroni and Gilardi and found a few mentions on various Italian and European cycling newsgroups.

In January 1997, La Gazzetta dello Sport pubished this brief article, confirming Mascheroni’s link to Julien Stevens’ Dreher and Brooklyn Teams , Roger de Vlaeminck and Patrick Secru.

“The family of Umberto Mascheroni, known as the “Lupo”, a popular mechanic of the Legnano who died in ’95, asked Don Luigi Farina, rector of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Ghisallo, to place a stone to the side of the many remembering the many lost cycling champions. Historical figure of national cycling at the time of Bartali, Coppi, Magni and Alfredo Binda, “Wolf” Mascheroni was also a mechanic alongside Cribiori, De Vlaeminck, Sercu and Zilioli.”

In the Italian newsgroup, FixedForum, an 80-year-old man who went by the username “bimbogigi” in 2012, wrote the following as translated by Google Translate:

“I saw Gilardi personally working on my frame in the spring of ’72 at the workshop of Lupo Umberto Mascheroni in Baldinucci Street in Milan. He was already old-fashioned then and I would say abundantly retired. Since then I have never seen him again.” 

In several other posts, it is said that Gilardi also worked in Bianchi’s Reparto Corse “between Valsassina and Drali” and built frames for or worked for Fausto Coppi.

Mascheroni also is linked to Bianchi and Coppi: “Lupo Milano was a shop of Umberto “Lupo” Mascheroni, personal mechanic of Coppi and mechanic of Legnano and Bianchi. He was renamed “Lupo” by Faliero Masi.

Still another post offered this observation:

“Umberto Marnati and Umbereto “Lupo” Mascheroni (both from Milano, Italy) were the 2 master frame builders in the Legnano Reparto Corse frame building. In 1972 Mascheroni built the frames for the Dreher pro team. Umberto Marnati has been also Fausto Coppi’s mechanic together with “Pinella Pinza d’Oro”. Umberto Marnati has been a frame builder for many pros and for the Benotto team. In 1970 he built frames for the Salvarani Team, bikes labeled Chiorda, but made by Marnati, 2 holes under bb shell). He also built frames for Francesco Moser, and for many champions in the past. He is one of the greatest “not famous” names, like Mascheroni and Pela’ (he built Fausto Coppi’s frames).” 

Although none of the information offered in the newsgroups can be verified, it does seem that Gilardi and Mascheroni worked together, even in 1972 when the Stevens Gios was made. It also seem to confirm that Mascheroni built the frames for Dreher, some of which, including mine, were reused in 1973 at Brooklyn.



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