A Special Order for a Special Father

Me with Evan and his dad Donnie, the newest member of the BMX Hall of Fame.

Recently, Evan Atherton contacted me about making him a couple of number plates. He said he was building a replica of his dad’s Schwinn Sting. His dad is none other than Donnie Atherton, one of Schwinn’s top racers in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He was regualrly featured in Schwinn ads and in the pages of Bicycle Motocross Action magazine and others.

Evan sent me a few photos of his dad running three different plates. He had a favorite, but it wasn’t the plate that his dad ran on the bike he was replicating. Unlike the Haro-style plates I usually build, these were the earlier and more common square plates. I told him I couldn’t make the plates, but if he could fine two of them, I’d gladly replicate all the graphics I could. Some of the stickers were beyond my current abilities. He was cool with that.

Evan asked me to make two plates, one with the number 20 and one with the number 3. Donnie ran both plates in 1979.

I made both and was really stoked on the results. So was Evan. He plans to put one on the replica when it is finished. I plan to write a little story here after he gives it to his dad.

Here are the plates Donnie ran and the ones I made.

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4 responses to “A Special Order for a Special Father

  1. that rules. evan did an amazing job on the bike. donny was one of my favorite riders when i was growing up. i did a painting of him. check it out.

  2. Very cool. Thanks for sharing that. Evan’s a cool kid and Donnie is a cool guy.

  3. How do I go about ordering plates?

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