Two New Plate Shapes for Forty Four 16

We’ve been busy developing new plate shapes of late. Since starting the company last summer with the Original Round plate we’ve added our own Square, Original Square, Wizard and our Micro-Mini/Cruiser plates. Now, we are offering two new plates that fit a little better the larger Pro-size bars that were popular starting in the mid-1980s. The two new plates are based on the popular Haro Type 2/Colored plates and Aero’s Stadium plate. Both are available with modified lightning-bolt graphics.

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The Wizard plates, which, for now come in red, white and blue and black and yellow digitally printed graphics also fit larger bars. These plates are special order only and may take more time to complete.

Our Micro-Mini/Cruiser plates fit modern cruiser bars, as well as vintage mini bars. Like all our plates the width can be trimmed to custom fir smaller handle bars. These, also, come with our popular retro lightning bolt graphics. These are quickly catching on with the today’s racers who are old enough to remember the originals. Soon, we’ll be announcing a team sponsorship with these plates.


2 responses to “Two New Plate Shapes for Forty Four 16

  1. i have a ts l frame would like to be original again

  2. like to put tuff 11 or z rims

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