I Started a New Job Today

Since I wrote the entry below and saw Toby’s real plate, I made another. This one is much closer to the original. I’m pretty stoked on it.

My replica plate is on the left. Toby Henderson's original plate is on the right.

I started my new job today as marketing manager at VSI Products, which is the parent company of Intense, Sinz, THE, Speed, EYE, AVE and ITS. Toby Henderson is my boss.

I made a very special one-off number plate for him. It’s a replica of his old plate. He was stoked and said, “Now I have something for you.”
He went into his office and came back with the original of the plate I replicated. He said it’s the only thing he kept from back in the day. It was so cool to see it and how Bob Haro made it. (Toby didn’t give it to me, BTW. Just showed it to me and let me keep it on my desk all day. He took them both to Rockford.)

The plate I made for Toby.

I used the cover shot of Toby and Jeff to make the plate. I couldn't really tell if the original numbers had a red stroke or not. I was 50/50 that it didn't. Still, looks good. VERY cool to see them side by side.

Toby said he watched Bob take a blue and yellow silk screened Factory Plate, cut the blue top out and replace it with a piece of precisely cut red vinyl. If I'd known that. I'd have done it the same way. Next time I make one, I will.


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