BMX Society Show and Reunion Was Best Ever

Saturday I took part in the 2010 BMX Society Show and Reunion at the Bellflower BMX track. What a super event. This was the third I attended and the second I exhibited in. There is no doubt it was the best yet. The new venue at the Bellflower track, with live BMX racing and the opportunity for  show goers to ride and participate in two vintage races, was stellar. What great luck that Peck Park, the original site, was closed for renovations.

It seems that the new SoCal event may have reached a tipping point. The number and quality of the bikes on display was dazzling. There were so many spectacular bikes that I can’t even remember seeing a single mediocre build. From Denis Dain’s collection of his personal 1970s race bikes to a number of lager freestyle collections and even mid-school bikes the entire history of old-school BMX was covered. More old-school pros and elite racers showed up this year, too. The few I saw (or remember seeing) include Eddy King, Craig Bark, Toby Henderson, Perry Kramer, Harry Leary, David Clinton, Denis Dain, Mike Miranda, Kim Jarboe, Eddie Fiola, Mike Dominguez, Woody Itson, Todd Lyons. . .

Jim Melton, the JM in JMC, was there, too. Steve Brothers, the man behind the BMX Society website and the event, presented Jim with a special lifetime achievement award. It was obvious that he appreciated the recognition almost as much as all of us in attendance, especially we JMC owners, appreciated him making the trip out to SoCal from his home in Missouri. Jim and his staff built some of the most technologically advanced and beautiful BMX frames of the time. He continues to contribute to  the BMX community by sharing his knowledge, memories and production records with anyone who asks for his help. He’s a real treasure.

The freestyle show as, as usual phenomenal and master of ceremonies Dan Hubbard’s non-stop announcing was a perfection. Despite the hot SoCal sun and a lack of food and water consumption, he never stopped his narration of the event. He’s a real pro and I want to thank him for plugging Forty Four 16. I was blown away by Eddie Fiola. His skills are undiminished . And it was fun to see him and the other old-school freestylers juxtaposed with today’s young riders. Fifteen-year-old Daniel Sandoval, who rides for Eye,  blew everyone away with his big air and insanely technical tricks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(I’m still trying to track down all the names of the photogs who’s images I used here.)

I want to thank Steve Brothers and the BMX Society staff and the other volunteers (Sorry, I know you were there, but not sure who you all are.) for organizing and managing the show; Tammy Estep for stepping in at the last minute to host the event at the track; Steve Blackey, for his cool trophies and for encouraging me to go through with my idea of making mini number plate trophies; Paul Morton for use of this EZ-Up and for acting as my personal photog; Eric and Max at Garage Graphics for printing the mini number plate stickers; Toby Henderson and the Intense staff for the free food; Craig Bark for the Torker swag and William LaRoque for the killer Torker sticker.

Finally, congratulations to all those who won awards for their bikes. There were sooooo many killer bikes on display, the  judges must have been pulling their hair out trying to pick a single winner in each category.

  • 70’s 20 inch BMX – Donnie Baird with his Webco
  • 80’s 20 inch BMX – Hector Aguilar with his VDC Changa
  • Old School 24″ BMX Cruiser – Tony Hartt  with an RRS 24″
  • Old School 26″ BMX Cruiser – Shawn Duex with a Torker 26″
  • Freestyle BMX – Mark Webster  and his VDC Freestyler
  • Mid School BMX – Steve Arndt  and his Kastan
  • Retro BMX – Brian Garcia with a 2010 L&S 26″ Cruiser
  • Side Hack – Eric King  with his Two Wheelers Hack
  • Pit Bike – John Dunphy with a Redline Square Back Pit

Congrats. You guys deserve to be very proud.

Though barely recovered from the last-minute push to get ready for the 2010 event, I’m already looking forward to next year’s show on June 4.


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