More Media Coverage; This Time in Japan’s Pedal Speed Magazine.

Funny story: My brother-in-law was in a book store in Tokyo (He’s in the Navy Reserves and was there on maneuvers.) and saw a cool-looking bicycle magazine on the shelf that he thought I might like. He picked it up and started flipping through its pages. The magazine opened up to a familiar face—mine.

In April and May I did the interview and photoshoots for the article with Yasu Tsuchiya, a locally based freelance writer and photographer. I knew it was coming out, but still hadn’t seen it. Not until my brother-in-law gave me a copy today. Yasu said it would be “only six pages long.” I thought that was plenty enough. But the eight I got is killer.

I gave it a quick read this evening—my Japanese is rusty, but good enough to get most of this article—and it’s a cool little piece. I’m super stoked.


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